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Billing Software with barcode reader ( Inventory Software )

Simple, secure & complete solution to manage large number of SKUs with ease by integrating your POS software with weighing scale, barcode printer & scanner, pole display and cash draw box. Fast & continuous customer checkouts are ensured always with our on-line & off-line billing options.


  • User Login system
  •  It has 4 main features namely Purchase, Sale, Report and Software Setting
  • User Restriction by Login
  • Administrator Login provide full access of Software and Settings
  • Quick Re-order level Message when open Software
  • Customized report like Daily, Weekly, From Date and To Date
  • Simply understandable sale, purchase Menu’s
  • Download report as Excel Sheet
  •  Edit / update the entered Product details like Product code, name, Quantity, Price and Tax and More
  • Automatically TAX update by our core programming
  • Search the Product details for Billed, Sold, Reorder and more
  • User Friendly interface / All can use without any guide
  • Backup Database and Restore Database
  •  Import & Export Database (Product, Sold and All information)
  • Two type of Login Admin and Cashier
  • Can able to see daily profit /Loss details

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