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VS Software believes in Delivering workable cost effective software solutions in diverse and complex areas with a strong focus on implementation and integration to the clients to help them achieve competitive advantage in the market place. We aim at maintaining long-term relationship with all our clients. We employ a process centric approach towards Software Development & Programming.

Our software engineering team follows a standard Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process with 6 distinct phases during the execution of a project. Project Management & Review Activities forms the outer layer for the whole process for effective management control and successful execution of the project.

Our schematic approach of the Process Flow for the System Design, Development & Deployment of an enterprise grade software project is given below. A modified version of Waterfall Model is followed for the project. Offshore software delivery model VS Software employs an offshore development model that focuses on seamless integration between the client and the offshore development team in order to achieve high quality deliverables on time at cost effective rates taking advantage of our geographic location & the quality manpower available. Products and Prototypes are developed & reviewed based on the requirements defined in conjunction with the client. Scope changes are reviewed documented and managed effectively using our collaboration tool. Taking Advantage of the India Time Difference, our offshore center thrives for an overnight delivery.

The Offshore team is a flexible resource base that can be further strengthened at short notice based on Project needs. Our Offshore development methodology can lead to substantial cost savings. By implementing our approach, customers can expedite the 'Indian Advantages', without compromising on quality and delivery time. Our appropriately qualified, trained and English speaking human resources deliver higher productivity and we manage our supporting infrastructure in an extremely cost effective manner.

Our domain knowledge helps us understand client requirements and enables early translation into executable specifications. Software development process.

Requirements Analysis and Management

Requirements Analysis and Management After the initial step of team formation, we do a thorough need analysis of customer requirements including determining needs, addressing how those needs need to be addressed and documenting the desired external behavior of the systems.
  • Allocated Requirements Review
  • Managing Systems Requirements Allocated to Software Policy

Software Project Planning

Planning is a critical phase, which involves creating high-level architecture, delivery and deployment schedules for software development, information and capacity architecture, and third-party integration

  • Software Development Plan
  • Software Estimates Procedures
  • Project Schedule
  • Software Life Cycle Definition
  • Software Planning Data
  • Software Project Activities and Commitments
  • Software Engineering Facilities and Support Tools Plan
  • Managing Systems Requirements

Software Project Tracking and Oversight

  • Revision of Software Development
  • Plan Peer Review Plans
  • Change Requests and Problem Reports Procedure
  • Formal Reviews of Selected Milestones
  • Project Tracking and Recording Procedures